Most young parents want their own home, but it can be expensive and Councils often don’t make young parents a priority. There is no legal entitlement to accommodation until you are 18.

More than two thirds of young parents live at home once their baby is born. There are lots of reasons for this:

  • There isn’t as much Council housing as there used to be so cheaper housing is harder to find
  • Renting privately can be expensive
  • There’s lots of support available at home
  • If you’re single, living alone with a new baby can be lonely


  • It could feel very crowded at home once the baby comes
  • You might not be able to do things your own way
  • You may feel as if your parents want to take over

If you’re looking for your own place, be prepared to be patient and start early.

  • Local authorities have a responsibility to ensure that young people who are made homeless are housed in a place of safety. Visit the Shelter website at for more information
  • Find out about Housing Associations in the area
  • Get an application form from your local housing office
  • Fill it in, hand it back and ask for a receipt
  • Be realistic about the sort of housing you will be offered - it might not be the sort of property you want in the area you want and if you refuse, you may not be offered another
  • Make sure you keep the housing office up to date with your circumstances - tell them when your baby’s born, for example
  • If you're looking at privately rented houses, make sure you know your rights before you sign up
  • Remember, when you find a place, there will be other costs. How will you furnish your house? Will you have enough to pay the bills? Work this out before you commit yourself

For further information

Your Connexions Personal Adviser can help you find out what’s available and help decide what’s best for you.

Shelter offer urgent housing advice on Telephone 0808 800 4444, Monday-Friday 8am-8pm and Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm. Shelter have developed a website specifically aimed at young people aged 16-25.