Apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities are available to all age groups. People on Apprenticeships can undertake qualifications to help them do their job.

There are various options available to young people through work-based learning:

  • Preparation Programmes, including Study Programmes and Traineeships
  • Intermediate Apprenticeships (Level 2 and Level 3)
  • Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3)
  • Higher Apprenticeships (Level 4)


If you choose to employ young people via the Apprenticeship route, an accredited Training Provider will help deliver a structured training programme and support both the trainee and employer throughout. Training may consist of on-the-job training and assessments, day release or block release to a local College or Training Provider or a combination of these.

The Government's Recruit an apprentice website helps registered training providers, and large employers who organise their own programmes, to post vacancies and manage applications for apprenticeships and Traineeships on-line.

Employers looking to take on apprentices can use the Government's Find apprenticeship training service to search for apprenticeship training and find training providers who offer apprenticeship recruitment and training.

You can contact the National Apprenticeship Service free on 0800 015 0600 for advice or help using the service.

The Apprenticeship Levy

In April 2017, the Government introduced fundamental changes to the funding for Apprenticeship training.

The Apprenticeship Levy is charged at 0.5% of an employer's annual UK paybill, offset by a levy allowance of £15,000 per year, so employers with a paybill of over £3million will be required to pay into the levy. The Government adds an extra 10% to this to spend on apprenticeship training. 

Employers calculate, report and pay the levy to HMRC through the PAYE process. Levy-paying employers will be able to manage apprenticeship funding on-line

Employers who don't pay the levy will share the costs of training and assessment with the Government. This is called 'co-investment'. Non-levy paying employers pay 10% towards the cost of training and assessing an apprentice. The Government will pay the remaining 90% (different maximum funding levels apply to different jobs and industries).

For more information, visit the GOV.UK website or call Telephone 0800 0150 600.