Employers legally must provide a written statement outlining the main terms of employment within eight weeks of your start date - even if you will only be working for them for that length of time.

The statement - which could be the letter offering you the job - must include:

  • Your name and the name of the employer
  • Your start date
  • Your rate of pay and when you will be paid
  • Your job title or a brief job description
  • Your hours of work and any overtime that may be required
  • Your sick pay and holiday entitlements
  • Your place of work
  • The length of notice required to terminate employment
  • Information about disciplinary and grievance procedures
  • Information about any collective agreements that may affect your employment terms or conditions
  • Information about pensions and pension schemes
  • If you are not a permanent employee, the statement should tell you how long your employment is expected to continue, or, if you are a fixed-term worker, the date your employment will end

If your employer does not offer something in the list (such as a pension scheme), they must say so in your written statement - the employer cannot just leave it out. The written statement must be clear and correct. You cannot be dismissed for asking for a written statement.

There is no requirement on the employer that a complete written contract be issued, however it is beneficial to have a written contract to ensure everything is understood by both sides.