What percentage of people in Tyne and Wear work in key employment sectors and what changes in employment and replacement demand are forecast between 2014-2025?

Employment by Key Sector Tyne and Wear

Sources: Business Register and Employment Survey (2012), Labour Force Survey (2013) Crown Copyright © - data has been adjusted using additional intelligence collected by Focus LMI.

Caution must be exercised in using this information. This is because:

  1. There is some overlap between some of the sector areas for example ICT and financial services also include those working in these occupations across all sectors.
  2. Not all employment is covered - the categories listed represent key sectors, but do not equal the totality of jobs.
  3. Whilst we have used up to date and reliable sources of data, the charts should be viewed as indicative only.

Key Sector in Tyne and Wear Percentage Change in Employment and Replacement Demand 2014-2025

Employment by Key Sector Forecast 2014-2025 

Replacement demand refers to the need to replace workers who leave jobs through retirement and other reasons and which create a job opening which someone else can then move into.Expansion demand refers to a growth in the number of total jobs in the relevant sector. In other words, additional jobs created over a given period of time.

No one knows for certain what will happen to the number of jobs in different sectors across Tyne and Wear. These forecasts are provided as an estimate of possible future change and should be viewed cautiously as a possible indication of the direction of demand for jobs as sectors expand or contract and people move in and out of jobs.

Original written material and template Copyright @ Focus LMI 2014. The information may be used by Connexions Hub Services in Tyne and Wear and its partners for the use of delivering careers education and guidance and aspects of the Work Related Curriculum in schools and colleges. However, the information may not be used by any party for commercial purposes and the original material or template cannot be amended or updated without the written permission of Focus LMI.