It’s important that we look after ourselves so we remain fit and healthy. There are lots of simple ways to do this that don’t require joining a gym!


Diet is important, eating a balance of different foods and drinking lots of water. Try not to eat too much sugar and fat and eat slowly if possible, eating ‘on the run’ makes it difficult to digest food. 


If you like going to the gym or jogging or playing for a team, this is great. However, regular walking, taking the stairs rather than the lift or dancing a couple of times a week with your friends is also very good exercise.


The way you live your life can also affect your health. Cigarettes can damage your health and alcohol in excess will affect your mood and cause you and your family problems.

The NHS Choices website offers a range of on-line health information services, including on-line clinics.

The Mix offers essential support and information for young people under age 25.