Whether you've found a vacancy through a job advertisement in a newspaper, a card in a shop window or on-line, there are a number of ways in which you might be asked to apply for that vacancy.

The job advert will usually tell you how to apply. For some jobs you will have to complete an application form, others will ask for a CV and a covering letter. Some employers might ask you to telephone them for a telephone interview to assess your suitability but they usually make this clear in the job advert.

Treat your application with respect and give it the time and attention it deserves, but remember that vacancies can be filled very quickly. Don’t wait too long to apply and make sure you get your application in as soon as you can - and well before the closing date.

Help with your CV

A CV - or curriculum vitae, which means 'the course of your life' - is your chance to sell yoursel' to an employer. Your CV lets employers know all the facts they need about you so they can decide whether you are suitable for a job.

Help with interviews

An employer might choose only half a dozen people from hundreds of applications, so if you're asked to attend an interview, you've already proven that your skills and qualities are something they might be looking for. But you need to make sure you make the best impression you can by being well prepared.

Help with telephone applications

For some jobs you might be asked to ring and ask for an application form. It's unlikely that you'll be speaking to the person who'll be interviewing so don't give too much unnecessary information, but be well prepared and keep your CV to hand - just in case.

Help with letters

If a job advert says that you have to apply for a job in writing, you need to write a letter of application.

Help with application forms

When you're applying for a vacancy, you may be asked to fill in an application form. You may be able to apply for some jobs on-line, using an electronic application form, otherwise you need to request a form as soon as possible and make sure you send your completed application back before the closing date.