The traditional full-time nine-to-five, five days a week job is no longer as dominant as it used to be, as flexible working practices have become more common. There are now more jobs available offering part-time hours or temporary contracts. Many employees are also expected to work shift patterns or during the evenings and weekends. Self-employment and freelance work is also more common than it used to be.

Many people will have a variety of different jobs throughout working life. Even those who stay in the same type of job can expect to see the way they carry out their work change due to the application of new technology and working practices.

Across Tyne and Wear, over 40% of females in employment and around 11% of males work on a part-time basis. Many people choose to work part-time including students who want to combine part-time working with their studies.

The concept of Portfolio Workers has been coined to highlight how people in the modern jobs market have developed portable skills which they can use by moving from job to job or contract to contract in a more fluid and changing jobs market.

What you need to stand out in the modern Labour Market 

In the modern Labour Market, you need to have flexibility, adaptability and mobility if you want to aximise your employability.

Many jobs require workers to be flexible. For example, some jobs require shift work or require employees to work evenings or weekends. Others take work on short-term, temporary contracts. These are all examples of workforce flexibility.

The jobs which are available and how we do them are constantly changing. Workers need to be able to adapt to this change by being ready to accept new working methods, learn new skills and, when necessary, move on to different jobs.

You may have to move away or increase your travel to work time to get the job you want or to take advantage of promotion and career development opportunities. This could mean moving to another town or city in this country or even moving abroad.

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