If you are a parent with a child in Years 9-11, in sixth form or at college, you have an important role in supporting them with the choices they have to make.

Today’s teenagers can choose from a wide and exciting range of courses which can start them on the way to sixth form, college, university or the workplace.

Careers Advice for Parents

The Careers Advice for Parents website offers impartial information and support to parents and carers so they can help their teenagers to focus on future options.

Child Benefit information for parents and carers

Child Benefit can be claimed by anyone bringing up a child or young person. It is paid for each child and there are separate rates payable for each child. Most people who are bringing up a child or young person qualify for it.

Choices after Year 11

After Year 11, the range of qualifications and places to study widens considerably. You can help to encourage your teenager to explore the best way for them to continue their learning.

Choices after Year 9

You can support your teenager by finding out as much information about the available options as possible. You can encourage them in their choices, manage unrealistic expectations and help them consider alternatives.