When learning in Sunderland, you are entitled to:

  • Information, advice and guidance on the full range of learning opportunities
  • An offer of a place in learning when you have completed your compulsory education
  • Preparation and induction for your learning programme
  • The opportunity to be involved in setting your own learning targets
  • High-quality teaching and training
  • A broad range of post-16 learning opportunities
  • Support for your studies, your personal development and planning your future
  • The opportunity to progress at a pace suited to your needs
  • Access to appropriate learning resources
  • Access to a range of activities and events that will enhance your learning
  • A healthy and safe learning environment, free from discrimination and bullying
  • Regular feedback on how you are progressing
  • Contribute to the evaluation and improvement of learning in Sunderland

But remember...

...you are responsible for behaving in a safe, healthy and responsible manner and for making a positive contribution to your learning experience.